Empowering Connections : Driesassur’s presence at IDCA’s Tucson Gala Awards

We attend trade shows and events to connect, collaborate, and captivate, seizing invaluable opportunities to showcase our brand, forge new partnerships, and stay ahead of industry trends in both Diamond and Art sectors.

Left to Right:
Manoj Bhandari – IDCA Board Secretary
Yves Ringler – Team Driesassur
Kailash Rawat – IDCA Board Member & Driesassur Client
Alain Spruyt – CEO Driesassur
Haridas Kotahwala – IDCA President
Jaspal Chhachhi – Team Driesassur

We are excited to build upon the momentum generated at the IDCA Gala Awards Event and continue our journey of exploring new opportunities to connect, collaborate, and captivate. We remain committed to driving positive change, delivering exceptional value to our clients and partners, and contributing to the advancement of the industry.